5 Things I See On My Commute

Every day I wake up at precisely 5:37 am and get ready for my day. I commute about 45 minutes to an hour, two times a day. It is such a hassle, but I don’t think I’d like living in New Orleans, not to mention that we can’t afford a house in a decent area. There are some positive aspects of my commute, though. For example, in the morning I get to listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning and it gives me time to wake up and think about what I have going on that day. It’s harder for me to find positives about the afternoon part of my commute, mainly because I spend most of it with a scowl on my face, in traffic, hating every driver ever. I do get to observe a lot, though, and felt like blogging about some of the things I see on a daily basis.

5. Accidents

I guess this should be a given, but I see an accident pretty much every single day. No, I’m not even exaggerating. The other day I sat in traffic for three separate accidents on the morning leg of my commute. I am not exaggerating when I say that I fear for my life every time I drive to work just because of how many accidents I see every day.

4. Trucks Carrying Rocks

Damn those trucks. Have you ever noticed how they put this flimsy piece of cloth over the the top of the pile of rocks as if it will really stop them from flying out the back and hitting my windshield? What’s worse is they always go the perfect speed that you can’t pass them up so you’re stuck behind them for 5 minutes cringing at the sound of little pebbles smashing into the front of your car.

3. Animals (mostly dead)

When I see a dead dog (or something resembling a dog) dead on the side of I-10, my eyes start to water. It’s sad to think that their owners are missing them or that maybe no one ever loved them at all! One time, I was driving on the High Rise and out of nowhere a tiny kitten was coming at the front of my car… Like on the top of the bridge! Luckily I missed it, but by the time I looked to see where it had gone, it was already too far back for me to rescue. Another woman had gotten out of her car and was attempting to get it. I remember getting to work that day and crying because I wondered how that sweet kitty made it to the top of the High Rise, and remembered a news article a read about people throwing kitten out of their cars to get rid of them…

The weirdest creature I ever saw was a dead wild boar… It took me a few days to realize what it was actually (Yep, it was there that long). The first time I passed it I thought it was a big black dog, but it seemed huge! So the next day I kept an eye out and thought it could be a bear (keep in mind I commute in the dark, so it’s not easy for me to see LOL). A bear on the side of the interstate seemed a little too far fetched for me so after passing it a couple more times I realized that it was, in fact, a giant wild boar. Not pretty.

2. Other Commuters

When I merge onto the interstate before the crack of dawn, in the pitch darkness, I feel like I’m part of some secret club. I feel like my fellow commuters and I are the go-getters, the up-and-attums, and are ready to get stuff done. We have a silent understanding and common misery amongst us. But, that peacefulness disappears when I cross parish lines into Orleans Parish… Some people go 45 mph on the interstate, some go 100 mph. Regardless of the speed, Orleans residents are usually weaving in and out of traffic, driving on the shoulder, and breaking pretty much every traffic law ever. I’m usually not in a rush in the mornings, since I allow myself 30 minutes extra each day (because of how frequently I run into traffic caused by accidents…) and because the road is dark, so I usually just stay in the right hand lane the whole way trying not to get hit. The afternoons are a different story… I have to be more aggressive if I want to get home quicker and this results in me yelling at slow drivers under my breath, cursing the people who don’t use blinkers, and being all around pissed off.

1. The Sunrise

Yep. Every day I wake up before dawn and most of my commute is in darkness. Once I get closer to the city, dawn breaks and the sun starts to come up. Something about waking up before the sun makes me feel like I’m getting something accomplished and that I’m making the most out of my day.

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