Doggy Momma Drama


Lately, I feel like all I do is clean up puppy throw up and wipe off dirty paws. Bauer has decided to eat any shoe left in the living room & Sucre has become a fiend for rolling in cat poop.

I have lost three pairs of sandals and one pair of loafers in the past month or so… RIP shoes. My feet will miss you.

Just yesterday alone I cleaned up Sucre’s throw up five times. Five times!! Some people might think that their dog is sick if it threw up five times in one day, but I know better. You see, after Bauer eats my shoes he throws it all up in the backyard. Sucre, being the nasty dog that he is, goes in the backyard & gobbles it all up. So, it hurts his stomach & the cycle starts over again. Throwing up throw up.

All I can do is shake my head & try not to punch them. Though, I never stay mad long because their sweet little eyes are filled with so much love & innocence. I never thought having a dog would be so much work, but I’m glad to have these two angels in my life.

2013-08-18 23.00.33-2

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