Anticipation: a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen; the act of preparing for something.

It’s almost May and I have been feeling that itch for a while now.

You know the one.

If I could jump on a plane right now and go anywhere, I would!

My last trip was to Austin in December. It was for my work’s annual winter meeting & was as fun as it was productive! My last international trip was to Toronto in September (again, for work). I love that I get to travel several times throughout the year for my job and I love it even more when I can bring Jonathan along.

In May, I’m heading to Amsterdam for the World of Private Label Show. It’ll be the first time we participate in the show and six small/medium sized southern food exporters will be exhibiting with our organization. I’m looking forward to the trip for a number of reasons. I haven’t been to Europe since 2010 and I’ve never been to The Netherlands. It will be nice to meet with our in-country consultants and learn more about the business prospects for our companies. The trade show is only two days long, but is supposed to be a really important show for companies in the private label business.

What makes me the most excited is that Jonathan will be meeting me in Amsterdam a few days after the trade show is over. We’re taking some vacation time for a European vacay. I’ll be in Amsterdam by myself for a couple days after work, but the idea of travelling and sightseeing alone (especially in Europe) doesn’t bother me much anymore. I’ll be transferring from a more “business-y” hotel to a cute B&B with a view of the picturesque canals. Jonathan will meet me and I can only imagine how much wandering and eating and laughing we’ll do. After some days in Amsterdam, we’ll take a high speed train to Brussels for one day/one night and then head over to Cologne, Germany for the rest of our trip. My friend Dani is flying from Vienna to meet up with us. I haven’t seen her since last year when she visited in New Orleans! I expect it’ll be a fun trip and cannot stop stalking Trip Advisor to browse all of the cool stuff there is to do and interesting sights there are to see.

Anticipation. Isn’t that half of the fun of going somewhere? Booking plane tickets and hotels, researching the local culture and cuisine, and planning (or not) what to do and see. Pulling the suitcase out of the attic and stuffing it full of clothes, most of which won’t even be worn. Dusting off a passport and tucking it in a safe place. Driving to or (my favorite) getting dropped off at the airport. People watching at the gate, the hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get somewhere. Flying up, up, and away. Clouds all around and land and sea and small little people beneath.

Landing at the airport and stepping off the plane into a new and different place. Anticipation.


Just a few short weeks till my first adventure of 2014. Stay tuned!

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