He has arrived!


Today a handsome fellow showed up at the B&B with a map and a beer in one and and a suitcase in his other hand.

After Jonathan got settled, we browsed a nearby market, walked through Dam Square, the Red Light District, and the new market area. We wandered around & found a canal boat tour aboard the SMS Friendship! It was interesting to see the city from a different perspective. The canals are beautiful and the architecture of the city is impressive.

Next, we had dinner at a Thai restaurant before heading to the museum of prostitution, “Red Light Secrets”. It was interesting to learn how some of the women became prostitutes and get some insight into their lives.

After a quick drink in a coffee shop, we stopped in a little chocolate boutique to pick up some treats. We also had some french fries since everyone else in the city seemed to be eating them.

We wandered back to the Singel canal and had drinks at a restaurant while watching all of the people dodge bikes and cars and motorcycles. The tourists are the funniest on the bikes. They’re all wobbly and uncertain. I shouldn’t criticize, though, because I’m sure when I finally try it that I will look even sillier.

It’s been a great day in Amsterdam with mi amor & I’m looking forward to the rest of our trip!


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