Throwing Caution to the Wind (Zaanse Schans, the Netherlands)

We started the day off with a quick trip to a weekly fabric and clothing market! Margot, the lady who owns the B&B we are staying at, recommended it to us. Much to my delight, I was able to purchase a scarf for just 2 euro! I was surprised that we seemed to be the only tourists in the whole market!

After walking in circles for a while trying to find Amsterdam Central Station, we hopped on a train to Zandaam.


Like lost puppies we wandered around the city looking for somewhere to rent a bike so that we could venture to the nearby Zaanse Schans to see the windmills. It must not be a very popular thing to do as we had a lot of difficulty locating somewhere to rent bikes! A lady in the train station even told us it wasn’t possible and we were pretty disappointed. Luckily we decided to explore the area a bit!

We turned down a quiet street & stumbled upon just the place! The shop was out of maps, so we had to rely on the guy’s directions and our own sense of direction. Now, I have not been on a real bike in forever. I was awkward and wobbly and a Dutch preteen sped past me, laughing all the way! Nevertheless, after a short and scenic 25 minute ride, we made it to our picturesque destination!!






It felt like we were transported back in time and really was a lovely experience. I highly recommend anyone visiting The Netherlands to make time to stop there for the afternoon.

After having lunch and walking and biking around the area, we headed back to Zaandam to catch the train.


Tonight is our last night in Amsterdam and in the morning we are off to Brussels, Belgium! Stay tuned!

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