My Furry Children

Sucre and Bauer are my two crazy dogs that basically rule my life. Let me give you some background information about each of them…


Sucre is a special little doggy.

After Jonathan got home from Iraq, he and I moved into an apartment together and, after a few months, we were dying to get a furry little friend. Our apartment complex only allowed small dogs, so we set out on a mission to find a cute little dog to add to our family.

We wound up at a local no-kill shelter, and fell in love with a spunky little pom-chi called “Brock”. It turns out he was one of 94 pom-chis rescued from a backyard breeder’s house! He was one of the few of that group left at the shelter. We felt bad for him because we were told that he had been adopted and returned twice already in his short little life. I believe he was about 8 months old when we adopted him.

After we filled out an application and got a home-check done by one of the shelter’s volunteers, we brought our little puppy home. Picking a name for him wasn’t easy as we always knew that we wanted to have a dog named “Bauer” or “Jack” after our favorite TV character, Jack Bauer. However, we didn’t think such a little guy could handle the responsibility that came with such a big name. So, we settled on “Sucre” after the feisty Puerto Rican character on Prison Break. It seemed appropriate and has definitely proven to be the perfect name for our little pup.

It turns out that Sucre has a very big personality. So big, in fact, that Jonathan and I were basically kicked out of our apartment because he would bark nonstop any time we weren’t home. But it’s okay, because we wound up buying a house and, in turn, getting a second dog named…


What possessed us to get a second dog after the mess our first one caused us? Who knows. Really it was my idea. I admit it. We always knew we wanted to have a bigger dog and thought that getting a companion for Sucre would help calm him down a bit. So, I begged and begged Jonathan for a second dog until he finally caved. Secretly, he wanted one too but was trying to be the rational force in the household. Clearly that did not work.

One yucky day around Christmas 2011, we drove to an animal shelter in hopes of finding a bigger, older dog to help balance out the crazy in our home. I said that I did not want another puppy, and we did not realize until we brought Bauer home how much of a puppy he really was. But, at the shelter I fell in love with his energy and his already unconditional love for us. He was too sweet to be stuck in a shelter! So we brought him home. And of course we named him Bauer. I’m still not sure if he lives up to his name, but, he’s still just a puppy. Time will tell.

We think he was somewhere between 6-8 months old when we got him, but aren’t really sure. Crazy is an understatement when describing him. He has got more energy than any animal I know. He has destroyed furniture, our baseboards, countless toys, and socks. However, he is the most loyal and loving dog. He just wants to love us and be loved in return. It is adorable how well he and Sucre get along, although sometimes it can be frightening as well. Their way of “playing” is interesting.

So, two dogs, tons of pee/poo/vomit, thousands of toys & puppy beds, endless licks, and I really feel like a mom. They wear me out and drive me crazy but there’s nothing I like more than coming home after a long day and kissing their sweet little faces!

One thought on “My Furry Children

  1. Love this! I don’t think Bauer’s “profile picture” is an accurate representation of his personality! I think you need one of him jumping at the back door, or the front door. Or just jumping in general. I swear that dog has kangaroo abilities!!

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